Frequently Asked Questions 

Can I Qualify For Boston At The September Race? September 20th event will qualify you for 2022. You can submit a faster time for 2021 to get a better seed at the start line if you are already registered for 2021 Boston Marathon. You Can Do It! 

Every year we have hosted the September Tunnel Light marathon it has fallen within the Boston Marathon eligibility window for the following two years. We do not have control over the exact eligibility window as this is chosen by the Boston association.

Is There A Waiting List After The Race Sells Out?

Once Standard entries are sold out for a race we will open a wait list. YES.

Early Start

Can I start the marathon 1 hour early? Yes, there is an early start provided for those needing more than 6 hours to complete the Marathon. Please check in with the timer at the start line. Early starters finishing the marathon under 5 hours will be disqualified and not given a finish time. You must need the extra time to start early. Early starters must be self-supported, know the route. You are on your own until volunteers arrive on the course.

Friends And Family Are Coming With Me. Do They Need To Register?

Spectators do not need to register.

If your family and fans would like to enjoy our Finish Line Area food and drinks please purchase a "Post Race Chili And Eats" package for your specific race for each person that wants to eat.

We get great reviews on our spread including one review calling it "The Best Food Of Any Marathon".

Do You Offer Refunds, Deferrals, or Transfers?

We have updated our policy in 2019 and now offer refunds and deferrals. Transfers are still not allowed.

Our Registration Policy is as follows. This policy is subject to change at any time, without notice.

  • Changing Races within a season: Changes (deferrals) are allowed until 6 weeks before a race with a fee of $25, and are only allowed one change to your registration (specifically deferral and refund requests). (For example, if you defer your entry, you have forfeited the option to request a refund). You are only allowed to defer your registration within a season, or calendar year. You will only be allowed to defer to a race that has open registration spots for the ticket type you have chosen; yes, you can upgrade to a VIP or Friends of Quinn ticket type of the new race (paying the difference between the ticket types).

  • To request to defer your registration please use the contact form from the website.

  • Defer registration to another year: Not allowed

  • Cancel registration: We understand that life changes and that you may need to change your plans. We care about you and thus, upon request, we will offer a partial refund of 50% up to 12 weeks prior to the race date and 25% up to 6 weeks prior to race date. To request a cancellation go to https://www.tunnelmarathon.com/pages/contact

  • Transfer registration to another runner: Not allowed.

  • Ticket type change: we have 3 ticket types for each race: Standard, VIP, Friends of Quinn (FoQ)

    1. FROM Standard TO VIP or FoQ - allowed, if space available at new ticket type

    2. FROM VIP or FoQ TO Standard - not allowed

    3. FROM VIP TO FoQ (or vise versa) - not allowed

If you are local and available, please consider Volunteering for one of our races. Volunteers receive a reserved space in one of our races the following year at the normal rate, even after it sells out up to 6 weeks before the race.

How Do I Verify That I Am Registered For A Race?

Below is the link to confirm your registration. You also received a confirmation email. Let us know if you have any problems finding your registration.
Databar Events Tunnel Confirmations

When Will I Receive Race-Specific Information?

When you register for a race you are added to our list to receive several event-specific emails with information and reminders starting about 6 weeks before the race.

What If I Get Injured?

Please train carefully and care for your injuries. We have updated our policy starting in 2020 to allow partial refunds or deferrals; transfers are not offered. Please refer to the "Do You Offer Refunds, Deferrals, or Transfers?" question on this page for details.

 Can I Watch The Start Of The Race?

Yes! Please check out the directions page for information on the location of the race start. Note that you will need a Discover Pass.

Can I Enjoy The Finish Line Area?

Yes! Please come cheer on runners at the finish. See the directions page for information on parking. The first runners generally cross the finish line 3 hours after the start of the race.

Is There Food Available For Spectators?

Spectators can enjoy the post-race food at the Finish Area by purchasing a food voucher. Please purchase the food voucher specific to the races you will be enjoying so that we can get your wrist band to you ahead of time.

  • June 14th Tunnel Marathon Food Voucher

  • August 16th Tunnel Vision Food Voucher

  • September 20th Tunnel Light Food Voucher

Where Can I Watch The Race Along The Course?

Look for more detailed information to be released after our June race. The following is a list of forest service roads and trails that intersect the Iron Horse Trail which makes up the majority of the course:

  • McClellan Butte Trail

  • Annette Lake Trail

  • Nat'l Forest Development Road 5510 off Tinkham Road

  • Forest Service Road 9020 off SE Homestead Valley Road

  • Hall Creek Trail (aka Zig Zag Trail)

  • Deception Crags Trail (aka Write Off Rock Trail)

  • Mount Washington Trail

  • Cedar Falls Trail Head

Where Do I Park At The Start Area?

Please see the directions page.

Where Do I Park At The Finish Area?

Please see the directions page.

Have Other Questions?

Please use the Contact page to send us a message.