Refund Policy

Covid -19 2020 Refund Policy

Please understand that the closer the event gets to race day the more time is spent planning and purchasing race supplies.

In-light-of the current situation we have updated our refund policy. Upon request, we will offer a partial refund of 75% up to 12 weeks out from race date and 50% refund 6 weeks prior to race date. No refunds are given within 6 weeks of the race unless the organizers cancel the race in which case a refund of 50% will be given to all registered participants.

Transfers to another runner: Not allowed

Defer registration to another year: Not allowed 

Transfer registration to another runner: Not allowed.

Changing Races within a season: Changes (deferrals) are allowed until 6 weeks before a race with a fee of $25, and are only allowed one change to your registration (specifically deferral and refund requests). (For example, if you defer your entry, you have forfeited the option to request a refund). You are only allowed to defer your registration within a season, or calendar year. You will only be allowed to defer to a race that has open registration spots for the ticket type you have chosen; yes, you can upgrade to Friends of Quinn ticket type of the new race (paying the difference between the ticket types).
If you are local and available or you have a friend or spouse you are traveling with, please consider Volunteering for one of our races. Volunteers receive a reserved space in one of our races the following year at the normal rate, even after it sells out up to 6 weeks before the race.

*If you opted for the transfer from the Canceled June race the $25 fee was waived. A $25 fee will be assessed with any changes with your registration in the future (if the race is not canceled).

Refunds can be requested via email to

This policy is subject to change at any time, without notice.