2020 Race Dates

Light at the End of the Tunnel Marathon - June 14

Tunnel Vision Marathon - August 16

Tunnel Light Marathon - September 20

Race dates for 2020 were announced via our email newsletter. Registration open date will be announced first in our email newsletter - To sign up, go to the Newsletter Signup form.

Registration for 2019 events was held late in the year. If you’re on the newsletter you will get that information along with the race dates.


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Welcome to Tunnel Marathons! To our participants in the past years of Light at the End of the Tunnel Marathon and especially to our volunteers, we want to extend a big Thank You! We are gonna do it big this year with 3 races, all on the same fast Boston-qualifying course.

This is a unique course you WON'T find anywhere else. Set in the beautiful North Bend and Snoqualmie area, it features a jaw-dropping 2-mile tunnel cut right through rigid landscape eventually opening to a sprawling Pacific Northwest paradise.


Injuries are common in runners that train or push themselves too hard. Rest and Recovery are a vital piece in your training. Listen to your body and don't push beyond your limit; properly hydrate, stretch and recover when necessary.

We do not offer deferrals to next year, or transfers, so please train mindfully.

Also, keep in mind, this is a gentle downhill point to point that you will feel like you are floating down. BQ and PR will come with ease of body and mind!