Race Recap: Tunnel Light, September 2019

Race Recap: Tunnel Light, September 2019

Our final race of the season, the Tunnel Light Marathon, took place on September 15th, 2019. We had an extraordinary turn-out despite our typical rainy Washington weather! Temperatures ranged from mid 50’s – low 60’s, in which, many of our runners from warmer climates saw this as a treat – other runners saw the hot chili at the Finish Line as a more suitable treat! 

There were 598 runners in total, 306 men and 292 women. 193 of which qualified for Boston, 32% - spectacular!

Our youngest runner was a 14 y/o female and the oldest runner was an 82 y/o male! We are absolutely astounded at the range in ages of these incredibly talented and driven athletes! It truly goes to show that age really is just a number, and that nothing should ever stop you or hold you back from pursuing your deepest goals and desires! 

There were two starting waves, staggered roughly 10 minutes apart. First gun time was roughly 8:00am and second was roughly 8:10am. The first finisher came through the Finish Line at 2:44:31 and the last finisher bolted through at 6:55:44.
Fun Stats: 
Overall average pace – 9:22/mile
Overall average run time – 4:05:28
Average male pace – 8:48/mile
Average male finish – 3:50:37
Average female pace – 9:57/mile
Average female finish – 4:21:02

We feel completely blessed and grateful to have had such an amazing turn-out of fierce warriors who held their own and pushed through the course despite the rain, wind, and puddles!

We look forward to the growth and fun there is to come and absolutely hope to see everyone back on our course for the 2020 season! Thank you for being with us on this beautiful journey!