How to Update Your Registration & Buy a Preferred Parking Spot

NEW in 2019 - Preferred Parking Lot, walking distance from the Finish Line!

We have a new opportunity to offer parking in a lot location about 1/3 mile from the Finish Line!! Spaces in this lot are reserved for VIPs and people who pay for Preferred Parking. The parking lot is located at: 43909 SE Tanner Rd, North Bend, WA 98045

Do you want to be within walking distance of your car when you finish the race? We are offering Preferred Parking spaces for $20/car, and we have space for 100 cars on race day. There will be 4 shuttles to take runners from this lot to the Start Line. Buses will begin boarding at 4:45am, the last bus will leave at 6:00am. (Buses run the same for all wave start times.) Please arrive early to ensure you make the bus!

No runners are permitted to be dropped off at the Preferred Parking lot to take a bus, there are only enough buses to shuttle the expected number of runners parking here. All other runners must park at Twin Falls Middle School or Terex. Runners being dropped off may be dropped off at the Start Line or Twin Falls Middle School.

To update your registration form and purchase your preferred parking spot, simply update your registration form. You can follow the instructions below and/or click on the Instructions link which will open up a PDF with screen shots to help you along.

How to Update Your Registration Form:

  1. Go to Edit My Registration & Choose "Edit Registration" Button
  2. Enter your email and click Search - (to verify who you are) enter your password or check your email for a confirmation email and click the "Edit Your Registration" button in the email
  3. Now at the registration form, scroll down to the bottom to find the new Parking questions
  4. Continue to pay and/or complete your update.

VIP Note: as a VIP you get to park in Preferred Parking, thus you will not see that question on your registration form.

Instructions: How to Update Your Registration (with screen shots)