Gear Guide for Tunnel Marathon 2020 Runners

Gear Guide for Tunnel Marathon 2020 Runners

We asked past Tunnel Marathon racers what gear and running essentials worked best for them on our course, with the intention of helping you have a smoother racing experience in 2020! Here is what they said:

Head Lamp:

  1. Black Diamond Icon 
  2. Petzl 
  3. Did not use -- Some people wrote in that they did not feel the need to use a headlamp or flashlight since so many others had them and there are large glow sticks throughout the tunnel.

Shoe Brand:

  1. Brooks
  2. Hoka
  3. Nike


    1. Balega
    2. Adidas Dry Fit
      1. Men’s
      2. Women’s
    3. Stance
      1. Men’s
      2. Women’s


    1. Garmin
    2. Fitbit
    3. Polar
      1. Chest Strap
      2. Watch
    4. Apple


      75% of respondents did not use/recommend them

        Favorite way to carry water:

        1. Nathan bottle
        2. Nathan backpack and bladder
        3. Salomon running vest

        Favorite fuel source:

        1. GU energy gel
        2. Hammer Nutrition

        Things you might need for rain:

        1. Anti-Chafe Cream - Try Squirrel’s Nut Butter
        2. Breathable waterproof jacket
        3. Cap
        4. Lightweight gloves
          1. Amazon best seller
          2. Nike women’s gloves
          3. Nike men’s gloves
        5. Calf sleeves
        6. Arm sleeves

            If you plan to try out new equipment or fuel, we recommend you try it out during training to make sure you can run comfortably with the new gear or new type of fuel come race day. Keep in mind that these are recommendations and you have to find what works best for you. Just because the items above are what past runners have used and found to work well for them, doesn’t mean you have to too. Everyone is different and prefers different gear.

            We hope this gives you some helpful insight into what you might need come race day or gives you a good idea for a gift for a friend or family member who is running the course in 2020.

            Happy Training!
            Tunnel Marathons Personal Trainer

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